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About Us

Making It Better

for our community by

working toward a brighter

stronger tomorrow

Making It Better

Over the years we have discovered areas in our communities that

could benefit from

our involment

What It Takes

Each year we work hard to raise the funds needed to benefit the local communities in our effort to "Make It Better"

Latest News

Latest News




Upcoming Events

Chili Cook-Off

 Nov 4, 2023 (Sat)    12pm - 2pm     Donation: $5.00


Dixon Pulled Pork Dinner

The Friday before Yankeetown Arts, Crafts and Seafood Festival

If you're a vendor setting up for the festival stop by and join the locals

for a great homemade dinner....YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

Nov 17, 2023 (Fri)    Time: 5pm-8pm     Donation: $10.00


Pulled Pork (locally smoked) Sandwich

Homemade Baked Beans

Cole Slaw and Drink

Proceeds from all our events are returned to the

community through our programs

  • AF Knotts Public Library--the Woman's Club owns and maintains the building

  • Kidz Eatz Weekend Meal Program--feeding students from Yankeetown School each weekend of the school year

  • Yankeetown School Support

  • Scholarships for local students--$138,000 since 1971

Thrift Shop


10am - 2pm


Thursday 4pm-7pm

before Bingo

Thursday Kitchen

Every Thursday

Doors open at 6pm before BINGO.  Stop by for a delicious affordable meal, snacks and desserts.  Then stick around to play BINGO

A whole lotta FUN!!!


Every Thursday

Doors open at   6pm

Games Start   7pm

all games are played

on paper

Making It Better

Making It Better


KE Comm Garden.jpg

A Special THANK YOU to Sally who stepped up to be the Community Garden Champion and make this Community Garden a reality

If you're interested in planting a bed they're available on

a first come first serve basis

contact Sally


Woman's Club

To date we have given over $138,000 in scholarships to deserving students and and members of the community.  Scholarships are funded from monies raised at Bingo, our second biggest fundraiser.
Kidz Eatz Weekend Meal Program
We learned over time that many of the students at Yankeetown School did not have meals at home on weekends.  When some return to school on Monday morning they have not eaten since Friday. This was unacceptable and we needed to fix it! Through the generosity of the Community we are sending 7 meals and snacks home with 51 students in 2023.

AF Knotts Public Library  

The Yankeetown Library was opened in January 1959.  It began with one thousand donated books. In December 1974 we received as a gift, the building that is today the AF Knotts Public Library. To this day we own and maintains the Library through donations, fund raisers and communtiy involvement.  We are proud to be one of the only Woman's Clubs in the State of Florida that still owns and maintains a Library building


The AF Knotts Library is located between the Woman's Club and the Post Office on 56th Street in Yankeetown.  Run by the Levy County Library System, they provide many services to the residents of Yankeetown, Inglis and the surrounding areas.

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