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How We Do It

A little history......In 1969 the Duplicate Bridge Players began funding scholarships to help give students in the community the ability to attend college.  Around 1991, Bingo took over that responsibility and to date the Woman's Club has donated close to $138,000 in scholarships to deserving students and members of the community.


Along with scholarships, Bingo supplies The Kind News, a teaching newspaper, to classrooms at Yankeetown School.  In an effort to encourage the younger students to stay in school and work toward getting a scholarship, Bingo works with the Education Committee to provide incentives to the Top and Most Improved Students on a quarterly basis.


The games.....Doors at the Yankeetown-Inglis Woman’s Club Community Center open at 6pm to allow Bingo players a chance to browse the Thrift Shop, get a snack from the kitchen and get their cards.  Games start at 7pm and generally finish between 9:30 and 10pm.   


Grab your family and friends and join us for the FUN..

Second To None Thrift Shoppe


Tuesday - Saturday   10am - 2pm

Thursday 4pm-7pm (before BINGO starts)


This summer the Thrift Shoppe crew spent a lot of hours sprucing up the space and making room for all the new donations that came in. At one point the main room and stage were piled high with donations waiting to be sorted.

The Thrift Shoppe started in 1966 as a way to raise money for the building fund for the newly Chartered Woman's Club.  Since that time   it has become a great resource in the community. the It soon became necessary to enlarge the space.  Fortunately, with help from members and the community, the addition where the Thrift Shop resides today, was built. Stocked solely by donations from Club members and the community, the Thrift Shop is one of the finest in Levy, Citrus and Marion Counties


For the Thrift Shop to run smoothly and continue to be an asset to       the community, it takes a lot of volunteer hours to sort, clean and tag   the donations that are received.


Have you been thinking about having a birthday party, a wedding or reception, or a family get together, but just don't have the room? Well, your problem is solved. The Woman's Club Community Center is available to rent. With its large floor space, stage, table and chairs and full kitchen, the Clubhouse is well suited for most gatherings and is within walking distance to Winding River Park on Riverside Drive. Uses are limited only by your imagination.With nominal fees, the Yankeetown-Inglis Woman's Club Community Center is the place to go for your rental needs. Contact Yolanda (352) 219-2196 to book your next party, event or meeting. Download rental agreement here.

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